Configuring Azure for use with HPE Cloud Volumes

Note: If you have enabled HPE Cloud Volumes to automatically retrieve information from your cloud account, you do not need to configure Azure for use with HPE Cloud volumes.

To configure Microsoft Azure for use with HPE Cloud Volumes:

  1. Log into the HPE Cloud Volume portal and do the following:

    1. Create a volume.
    2. Click the Connections page and record the Authorization Key and Peer Circuit URI. This information is needed for the next step.

      Important: Make sure you allow sufficient time for the connection state to change to Provisioned/Enabled before proceeding to the next step.

  2. Connect the ExpressRoute circuit that HPE Nimble Storage creates to a Virtual Gateway inside a VNet:

    1. Log into your Microsoft Azure account and click the New icon.
    2. Search for Connection, select it, and then click Create.
    3. In the Basics blade, make sure the Connection type is set to ExpressRoute.
    4. Fill in the details, then click OK in the Basics blade.
    5. In the Settings blade, select Virtual network gateway and then check the Redeem Authorization check box.
    6. Enter the Authorization Key and the Peer Circuit URI that you obtained in Step 3.2, and then provide a name in the Connection Name field. Click OK.
    7. Review the information in the Summary blade, and then click OK.