Setting up Azure for HPE CV

To set up Azure for HPE CV:

  1. Create a VNet with the correct address space range:

    1. Log into your Microsoft Azure account.
    2. Click Virtual Network.
    3. Click Add. The Create Virtual Network dialog appears.
    4. Type a name in the Name field..
    5. In the Address Space field, choose a prefix mask of /22 or wider (a numeric value <=22).

      Note: /22 is the smallest subnet that is supported.

    6. In the Resource Group field, either select an existing resource group or create a new group.

    7. In the Location field, select either West US 2 or East US.
    8. Click Create.
  2. Create a virtual network gateway with the performance setting that you prefer:

    1. In Microsoft Azure, click the More Services icon.
    2. Search for and then select Virtual Network Gateways and then click Add. The Create Virtual Network Gateway dialog appears
    3. Type a name in the Name field.
    4. Select ExpressRoute for Gateway Type.
    5. In the SKU drop down, select a performance setting of either Standard (1K Mbps), High Performance (2K Mbps), or Ultra Performance (9K Mbps).
    6. Click Virtual Network, and then select the virtual network that you previously created in Step 1.
    7. Click Public IP Address and either select an existing address or create a new address.
    8. Click the Create button.

      Note: It can take up to 20 minutes for the new virtual network gateway to be created.