Working with Snapshots

When you create or edit a volume, you can elect to either turn off snapshot creation or to schedule snapshots to occur at specific dates and times. You can also manually create, delete or restore snapshots.

When you restore a snapshot, a new snapshot of the volume is created before the selected snapshot is restored. This safeguard feature enables you to automatically preserve a backup copy of the current state of the volume.

Note: Backup snapshots are also created whenever you resize a volume.

You can also clone a volume using the data in a snapshot. See Creating a Clone of a Cloud or Replica Volume for more information.

To manually create a snapshot:

  1. Click a volume in the Volumes window.
  2. Scroll down to the Snapshot List.
  3. Click Create a Snapshot. The Create a Snapshot dialog appears.
  4. Provide a name for the snapshot, and then click Submit. The new snapshot appears in the Snapshot List.

To delete or restore a snapshot:

  1. From the Volume Details window, scroll down to the Snapshot list and click a snapshot.
  2. Click Delete Snapshot to delete the snapshot or click Restore to restore the snapshot.