Connecting a Replica Volume to the Cloud

After you have replicated a volume collection from your HPE Nimble Storage array to a replication store, you can connect volumes in the replica volume collection to the cloud. Connecting a volume to the cloud sets up the replica volume to function as a cloud volume so that you can attach and connect the volume to a cloud VM.

Before you can connect a replica volume to the cloud, the replication direction of the replica volume collection must be set to either outgoing or stopped. For information on how to change the replication direction, see Reversing Replication and Modifying Settings .

To connect a replica volume to the cloud:

  1. From the HPE CV main menu, click a Replication Store.
  2. Click a Replica Volume to select it.
  3. From the Selected menu, click Connect to Cloud.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. Enter all required cloud settings, and then click Next.
  6. Review the connection information, and then click Confirm.

After you connect a replica volume to the cloud, you can locate the volume in the Cloud Volumes window.

Tip: Click the name of the Connected Cloud Volume to automatically display the volume details pane, and then click Add Cloud VM to attach the volume to a Cloud VM.

Important: After connecting a replica to the cloud, you must dissociate the volume from the on-premise array before you can resume replication on the on-premise array

If you no longer want to use the replica volume as a cloud volume, you can disconnect the volume from the cloud. To disconnect a connected replica volume, select the connected cloud volume and click Disconnect from Cloud from the Selected menu.

If you want to replicate the volume contents back to the on-premises array:

  1. Set the replication direction of the replica volume collection to outgoing
  2. Demote the replication partner on the on-premises array.

    Note: If you replication store supports more than one array, you can change replication to a different on-premises array when you set the replication direction.