Installing the Windows CLI Utility

HPE Cloud Volumes provides a Windows CLI utility called cvctl that enables you to:

  • Attach and detach volumes to and from a cloud VM
  • Connect and disconnect volumes to and from a cloud VM
  • Display a list of volumes that are connected to a cloud VM
  • Display information about specific volumes
  • Create and destroy volumes
  • Display, create, and manage replica stores, replica volumes, replica volume collections, and other replica artifacts.

To install the Windows CLI utility:

  1. Download the utility from the HPE Cloud Volumes portal into your Cloud VM using the following command:
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -Outfile

Note: You can also download the utility from the Downloads section of the HPE CV portal or the Cloud VM Attachment wizard and copy it to the VM separately.

  1. Unzip the utility by right clicking on the zip file.

  2. Configure the utility by running the following command and providing your Access Key, Access Secret, and Geography code for your country:

./cvctl create config  --access-key <key> --access-secret <secret> --default-geo <geo>

The geo value for the United States is us or US.

The geo value for the United Kingdom is uk or UK.

The geo value for the European Union is eu or EU.

The geo value for Japan is jp or JP.

To locate and copy your Access Key and Access Secret, click User Settings from the user icon menu.

Note: If you just want to use the utility to connect to or disconnect from a cloud volume, add the --local-mode option to configure cvctl without an Access Key or an Access Secret.

.\cvctl create config --local-mode
  1. (Optional) If you need to delete the configuration that you created in the previous step, run the following command:
./cvctl delete config

However, if you delete the configuration, you must configure the utility again in order to use it.

To display all available options for the cvctl command, type cvctl --help

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