CloudVolumes Docker Plugin

  • Docker volume names can only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores.
  • Mounting Docker volumes depends on the completion of CloudVolume provisioning. This can take time when connecting with a VPC or VNET that was not used before. Docker volume inspect provides a way to monitor connection status.
  • Mount requests for large Docker volumes (>500 GiB) can timeout when using a low IOPS limit (<500).

CloudVolumes Command Line Utility

  • Ubuntu 14.04 is not supported (CDS-908)

On-Premises Array

  • Only one non-admin HPE CV user per array.
  • First non-admin HPE CV user to create a cloud partner will own the on-premises group in HPE CV portal. Other users will have to contact the HPE CV admin or the owner to configure other partners.
  • Cloud partners cannot be created using the CLI or a single NimOS REST API.
  • Some cloud partner config information is not displayed in CLI output.
  • Verifying connectivity through partner test may require the test to run 3 or more times to show successful.
  • Users may have to wait up to 10 minutes for partners to discover each other before adding volumes to the volume collection or adding a partner to the volume collection.
  • Users cannot bulk delete cloud partners.
  • Cannot specify a folder for cloud partners.
  • Connecting an on-premise replication partner using the Nimble OS interface will only work for the US geo. All other geos should use the HPE CloudVolumes portal.

Replication Direction

  • Replication handover is not supported.