Monitoring Performance

HPE CV employs HPE InfoSight Predictive Analytics to provide 30 days of performance data for every volume that you create. This data is displayed in the following 3 graphs:

  • IOPS read/write
  • Throughput read/write (in MBps)
  • Capacity for data and snapshot usage ( in GIB)

The data that is displayed in these graphs is current up to 12AM of the day you view the graph.

The IOPS graph is displayed at the top of the details window. You can display data for a preset time interval, such as 12 hours, 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month. You can also hover the mouse pointer on the graph to display detailed data for specific time points:

The Throughput and the Capacity graphs, which appear in the Monitoring section of the details page, display performance data in a similar manner: