Creating a Replication Store

To create a replication store in the HPE Cloud Volumes portal:

  1. From the HPE CV main menu, click Replication Stores.
  2. Click New Store. The Create New Replication Store wizard appears.
  3. Specify the Store Name, Capacity, Tier, and Region, and then click Next.

    Note: Store names can consist of alphanumeric characters, including dashes, periods and colons. Store names cannot begin with a dash, period or colon.

  4. Confirm the replication store settings, and then click Confirm. A message appears stating that the newly created replication store is ready to accept incoming replication connections. You can now log into your HPE Nimble Storage array and create a cloud replication partner on the array.

    The following table provides information about current replication store limits.

    Limit Detail
    Minimum replication store size 1 TiB
    Maximum replication store size 30 TiB
    Number of array partners per store 1 per 15 TiB

    When creating a replication store, keep the following tips in mind:

    • Make sure you specify a replication store capacity that is large enough to accommodate the volumes and snapshots that you plan to replicate.
    • You can have a maximum of two replication partners per replication store.
    • If the data you are replicating becomes larger than the replication store capacity, replication stops and an email is sent out informing you that you need to increase the replication store capacity.