Cloud Volumes Backup: Support tool - Port

The port sub-command tests connectivity to the endpoints for the Cloud Volumes Backup service.

Valid endpoints can be seen at:

For an endpoint to be considered valid, it should have the "Backup" capability.

The ports required to connect to the service are:

  • TCP/9386 - secure-client certificate reissue
  • TCP/9387 - Catalyst CMD over TLS
  • TCP/9388 - Catalyst DATA over TLS

These ports are required to be open in the OUTBOUND direction only from your site.

The available sub-commands in the port module are:

  • verify

verify - Check access enabled for required ports

The verify sub-command enables you to verify connectivity on ports 9386, 9387 and 9388 (TCP) to the specified endpoint.

The endpoint for your backup store can be found in the configuration file provided as part of the secure client download, and also from the /api/v2/services API.

Example usage:

To verify connectivity to endpoint, run the following command:

bash$ ./cvbu-support-tool port verify

Succeeded connecting to:
Succeeded connecting to:
Succeeded connecting to: