Cloud Volumes Backup: Support tool (cvbu-support-tool)

HPE provides the Cloud Volumes Backup Support Tool (cvbu-support-tool) to help you identify issues that can affect firewall configuration and secure client setup. The tool helps you diagnose networking issues and provides feedback on setting up your environment.

This document provides information on how to use the tool and how to employ commands that can help you troubleshoot your environment. The tool also enables you to submit enhancement requests so that the tool can be improved.


A Linux machine is required to run the cvbu-support-tool. As the tool is a static executable, it should work correctly on any x86_64 Linux kernel. Please contact us if you are unable to run the tool on your own platform.

The support tool has been tested on the following operating systems:

  • Ubuntu 16.04+
  • CentOS 6/7
  • RHEL 6/7

Getting Started

Download the cvbu-support-tool from the HPE cloud volumes portal downloads page:

To validate the sha256, on Linux run:

bash$ sha256sum cvbu-support-tool.tar.gz
If this command is not available, it is typically located within the coreutils package. This package should be available via the OS package manager.

To extract the tool, run the following:

bash$ tar -zxf cvbu-support-tool.tar.gz

The tool is now available at: ./dist/cvbu-support-tool

(OPTIONAL) If you want to install the binary globally, you can move it to your users $PATH

bash$ mv dist/cvbu-support-tool /usr/local/bin/cvbu-support-tool


Usage information can be found within the support tool. At any point, you can append the --help flag to get information on available commands.

bash$ ./cvbu-support-tool --help
Usage: cvbu-support-tool [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Cloud Volumes Backup customer support tool

  --log PATH  Log file path
  --version   Show the version and exit.
  --help      Show this message and exit.

  catalyst     Troubleshoot Catalyst connectivity
  certificate  Troubleshoot secure client X509 certificates
  config       Troubleshoot secure client configuration
  port         Troubleshoot external port access
  portal       Troubleshoot Cloud Volumes Backup account

Additional information for specific usage and available commands can be found on the following pages:

Advanced features

To display the version of the support tool, run the command with the --version flag:

bash$ ./cvbu-support-tool --version
cvbu-support-tool, version 1.0.0-0-g6fb2eb7

To write the output of the tool to a log file run any available command with the optional --log parameter:

bash$ ./cvbu-support-tool --log output.log certificate verify ca.crt client.crt client.key