Viewing Replicated Volumes

To view the volume collections that have replicated from a HPE Nimble Storage array to HPE Cloud Volumes, click Replication Stores in the HPE CV main menu, and then click the target replication store. A list of replicated volume collections appears at the bottom of the Replication Store details window followed by a list of the replica volumes that comprise the volume collection.

Note: In this example, the Incoming direction value indicates that data is flowing from the on-premises array (group-rtp-array19) to this store. Note that if you reverse the replication direction, the value in the direction field changes to Outgoing and data starts flowing from the store to the on-premises array.

If you click a replica volume in the store, the snapshots and other volume details are displayed:

Note that you can also view the replicated volumes that comprise the volume collection from the Replica Volumes window:

If you click a replica volume in the Replica Cloud Volumes window, the details of the volume are displayed in the same manner as in the Replication Store window.

For information on cloning a replicated volume from a snapshot, see Cloning a Replica Volume.