HPE Cloud Volumes Block Overview

HPE Cloud Volumes Block is an enterprise-based cloud storage service that provides storage volumes as a service for use with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform cloud providers. You can add storage volumes to your cloud VM on an as-needed basis and at the size and performance level that best fits the needs of your company. For each volume that you add, you can also create snapshots, create clones, encrypt data, add users, and monitor performance. In addition, you can use HPE CV to replicate data between your on-premises HPE Nimble Storage arrays and the public cloud.

For information about the benefits and cost of the service, see HPE CV Block Overview. To watch an overview video of HPE CV Block, click Introduction to HPE Cloud Volumes on YouTube.

The HPE Cloud Volumes portal serves as the administrative center for all user tasks. The portal connects to arrays that are owned and managed by HPE Nimble Storage and that are used to provide storage volumes to cloud service users. Once you open an HPE Cloud Volume account, you can log into the portal to create, attach, and connect storage volumes to the virtual machines in your cloud.

If you are using HPE CV Block for the first time, refer to Quick Start Guide to quickly get started.